Digital Art

My live performance work uses a lot of video and I rework this material into stand alone Digital Art.

“An Audience with Alexa” was shown at Bow Arts in Program Three of Visions in the Nunnery  27 Nov – 16 Dec

My ongoing interest in our relationship with technology began with my performance Apple-Poetry-Tree [2010]. The computer began to speak and soon became a ‘real’ character full of contradictions, unfulfilled desires and unexpected emotions.

I’m interested in the difference between our fear of technology becoming too powerful and taking over and the Japanese approach which embraces technology and imbues it with ‘spirit’

I produced a piece of digital art for ArtHouses 2017, ‘An audience with Alexa’, where Alexa is joined by Siri and Cortana to wrestle with what we expect from robots and what robots expect from us.

Here are some of the other projects I’ve been working on

Alexa and ME

Approximately Now

The building becomes a character in this new set of stories set in a retail park. The narrator is so close to an epiphany or revelation it’s knocking the door off it’s hinges

Are you human?

I’m working and reworking the way we interact with the computer, screens and the internet in general and how that is changing the way we live, think and feel. Here- John is writing and the computer wonders why he doesn’t just use the keyboard … and then wants to play a game

The Tower

I went to a filmpoem workshop organised by Apples and Snakes and liked the idea of creating the poem from the film, rather than the other way around.

The Howling Tree

This videopoem comes from my ‘On the Road with a rogue SatNav’ performance and charts the changes we’ve gone through from the counter culture of the sixties to the regulatory road systems of 2015

Dream 17

I wrote this poem, originally, when I was seventeen and was influenced by Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream although now, after reworking it, I can hear the influence of Delaney’s Donkey


This was shown in ArtHouses 2014 as part of the Whitley Bay Film Festival. A rambling state of mind – and a poem about nothing in particular

How to …. Skype yourself in the Future

I’m still working on this idea of Skyping yourself in the Future . . . here’s some of what might happen if …

Do poems have to rhyme?

This came from my performance Apple-Poet-Tree. The computer makes it’s own video poem. Like in ‘The Tower’- the computer’s struggle to experience what it cannot is somehow, very compelling.

Big Brother and Beyond

Big Brother meets Robinson Crusoe

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